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Your Hard Work Should Pay Off

Did you battle your way into senior management only to realise your male colleague in the office next door is making twice as much as you are, including performance bonuses and stock options?

You can’t help but feel frustrated and undervalued. Many women in similar situations end up leaving their hard-earned careers, opting to head home and start their own businesses with the flexibility to care for children or aging parents.

You deserve to be properly recognised, respected and compensated for your hard work.

Build Your Confidence As A Negotiator

Hi, I’m Jane Oldham, founder of Parity Plus

I know many professional women feel uncomfortable negotiating for a raise. My program and online community give women the confidence to ask for the better projects, promotions and perks they deserve so they are financially secure today and in the future.

As a woman working in male-dominated industries, I saw first-hand how the gender pay gap and unequal pay hold women back. Now, I’m on a mission to shine a light on these inequities and empower women to get the respect and recognition they deserve.


Feel Confident Asking For What You Deserve

Why wait for the government and businesses to properly address the gender pay gap?
Access the program and online community to help you get paid what you’re worth.

Secret Women's Business

Develop femine power, executive presence and be effortlessly formidale

Millionaire Mindset

Building the positive money mindset of high-earning, powerful women.

Quantum Competence

Beat the imposter syndrome & feel as capable as you really are

Radical Confidence

Write new rules, learn to welcome challenges & to trust yourself


Utilise deliberate practice & peer support for recognition as a leader in your field

Negotiation Ninja

Sucessful negotiation strategies for personal parity in all aspects of life

You Know The Gender Pay Gap Stats. Now,
Let's Do Something About It.

Women are underrepresented in key decision-making roles across almost all industries in the
Australian workforce — despite the fact women make up half of the private sector workforce.

Women in key
management positions

Women holding
director positions

Women in the
role of CEO

Women holding a
board chair position

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly,
without claiming it, she stands up for all women.
– Maya Angelou


Women Need To Be Treated Fairly

When you don’t feel respected in the workplace, it’s incredibly difficult to muster the confidence to ask for the projects and perks you deserve. The male-dominated work culture makes it almost impossible to win and then blames us for not trying hard enough. Our government and businesses have failed to address the universal problems of the gender pay gap and unequal pay. 


Professional women work harder than their male counterparts doing the same job since they are expected to perform hours of additional unpaid emotional labour in the workplace every week. They deserve to be properly recognised, respected and compensated for their efforts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, women have been disproportionately negatively impacted. Women-especially women of color-are more likely to have been laid off or furloughed during the crisis, stalling their careers and jeopardizing their financial security. 

It’s time to turn things around. If the government and business won’t help us, we need to pull together to make sure things change. 

It’s why I founded Parity Plus, a program and online community that supports professional women like you to get paid what you’re worth.

Confidently Ask For The Pay, Projects
& Perks You Deserve

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Gain access to six modules of succinct, yet powerful training videos and
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Move through the content at your own pace, learning critical skills and
techniques you can use immediately. Participate in the weekly Q&A.

  Claim your worth

Walk into your next performance review fully prepared to ask for
what you’re worth.

Don’t miss out on a pay raise, promotion or opportunity
You Bring A Lot To The Table.

Get Paid What You’re Worth.

Cement your place at work as a woman who deserves recognition and respect for her hard work. With your investment, you’ll receive online support and training.

       • Boost your confidence
       • Develop a money mindset
       • Be seen as a leader in your field
       • Assistance in identifying mentors
       • Improve your negotiation skills

Plus, you’ll be invited to join a community of professional women just like you.

Your investment is just $197
(value of $1,997)

Don’t settle for anything less than what you’re worth
as a valuable professional.

What Is Under Earning Costing You?

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Hard-working Australian women are marginalized in the workforce. We make less money than our male counterparts and receive fewer training and mentoring opportunities. We are often passed over for premier projects and promotions. 

Not acceptable.