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Are You Missing Out On Opportunities?

• Women are grossly underrepresented in key decision-making roles throughout the Australian workforce.
• Women are tasked with a disproportionate share of childcare and domestic chores.
• The gender pay gap has a compounding effect that reduces a woman’s income over her entire lifetime.

Many professional women feel uncomfortable negotiating for a raise.
Claim Your Worth™ is a program and online community that gives women the confidence to ask for the better projects, promotions and perks they deserve.

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What's Included?


Here's What You'll Learn In Claim Your Worth

Claim Your Worth includes six modules you can work through at your own pace.
These modules will help you build the confidence to ask for what you’re worth.

Secret Women's Business

Develop femine power, executive presence and be effortlessly formidale

Millionaire Mindset

Building the positive money mindset of high-earning, powerful women.

Quantum Competence

Beat the imposter syndrome & feel as capable as you really are

Radical Confidence

Write new rules, learn to welcome challenges & to trust yourself


Utilise deliberate practice & peer support for recognition as a leader in your field

Negotiation Ninja

Sucessful negotiation strategies for personal parity in all aspects of life

A Woman Who Claims
Her Worth:

When women support each other, incredible things happen.

Confidently Ask For The Pay, Projects
& Perks You Deserve

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Walk into your next performance review fully prepared to ask for what you’re worth.

Don’t miss out on a pay raise, promotion or opportunity

This Program Is For Women Just Like You

Imagine six months from now negotiating the biggest pay raise of your career.

Imagine a year from now stepping into a role you previously thought was out of reach.

This just might be the best investment you ever make.

Claim Your Worth is designed by women for women who are fed up with not getting the respect they deserve.

Get practical training, actionable steps and a success plan designed to improve your financial position.

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Meet Jane Oldham,
Creator of Claim Your Worth

I know many professional women feel uncomfortable negotiating for a raise.
My program and online community give women the confidence to ask for the better projects, promotions and perks they deserve so they are financially secure today and in the future.

As a woman working in male-dominated industries, I saw first-hand how the gender pay gap and unequal pay hold women back. Now, I’m on a mission to shine a light on these inequities and empower women to get the respect and recognition they deserve.

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