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Overview of the situation:

The causes of the gender pay gap are well-known and include:

  • discrimination and bias in hiring and pay decisions
  • women and men working in different industries and different jobs, with female-dominated industries attracting lower wages
  • women’s disproportionate share of unpaid caring and domestic work
  • limited access to workplace flexibility, especially in senior roles
  • and the impact of women’s increased time out of the workforce on their career progression and opportunities.

The target market:

Professional women between 30 – 55 yrs old.

  • Women in management often experience a pay gap significantly higher than the average
  • Self-employed women do not seem to fare any better regarding the gender pay gap than their employed sisters!
  • The future isn’t just female, it’s going to be “women of colour” who make the difference!

Proposed outcome:

The course mentors women in asking for a payrise and to negotiate their terms of employment through what I perceive to be a hierarchy of mindset (Modules 1-4) and practical skills (Modules 5 & 6) as below:

Module 1: Teaches women to get in touch with their own, distinct feminine energy and to ground themselves so that their resilience improves. Especially to:

  • counteract burnout
  • increase feelings of personal safety in what are often hostile workplaces

Module 2: Works through the participant’s relationship with money and helps build a new mindset for receiving significantly higher salaries.

Module 3: Helps women feel as competent as they really are.

Module 4: Works on improving feelings of confidence

Module 5: In this module women identify that small percentage of their work that is the ‘X Factor’ in determining their value in their field and to set up a way of focusing on building up their expertise to make themselves more valuable.

Module 6: Negotiation skills. Of course, this is essential for the workplace but will also be useful in the women’s personal lives as they seek to focus on their careers and need to transfer their emotional labour load to partners, other family, friends and colleagues.


This a six-week online course, with modules being released at weekly intervals.  In addition, I will be offering weekly Q&A Zoom sessions focussing on that week’s module.

The course launch is planned for late 2020, with a week of ‘orientation’ focusing on one module per day for six days to help women decide if they do want to commit to the six-week pilot course plus follow up.


A PhD student from the Gender Studies department at the University of Sydney is running a voluntary survey of participants. This survey is to check how you are enjoying the course and whether you would like any changes to the material. You can find out more about the survey at [link to blog post on survey that I wrote to you about yesterday] or you can do the survey here: Survey

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